HSF Coordination Meeting #218, 11 November 2021

Present/Contributing: Eduardo Rodrigues, Josh McFayden, Michel Hernandez Villanueva, Serhan Mete, Efe Yazgan, Nicole Skidmore, Krzysztof Genser, Marc Paterno, Kyle Knoepfel, Alexander Moreno, Philippe Canal, Daniel Elvira

Apologies/Contributing: Graeme Stewart, Pere Mato, Benedikt Hegner, Caterina Doglioni, Ben Morgan, Liz Sexton-Kennedy

News, general matters, announcements


HL-LHC Review Phase 2

The HL-LHC review took place last week. There was good discussion on many points after interesting questions from the reviewers. We expect that there will be an internally circulated first draft report in December, followed by a final report in January.

The reviewers thanked a lot those involved in preparing the documents - as do Graeme and Liz!

LHCC Referees Meeting

There is the usual quarterly meeting between the LHCC Referees and WLCG on Tuesday 16 November, next week. We are asked for a short (15’ + 5’) update on software projects and the HSF. There is a focus on any activities relevant for Run3.

Please send any relevant points to Graeme and Liz by tomorrow, 12 November. Expect draft slides on Monday 15.

HSF Talks


Caterina gave the HSF talk at the SWIFT-HEP meeting last week.



Graeme gave an HSF talk to the ILC community two weeks ago. Well received, with some discussion on if linear colliders really can share software with the LHC community (our answer: yes, albeit that tracking and pattern matching algorithms are at a different working point to hadronic experiments, there is still a huge amount of potentially shareable software).

Snowmass Small Experiments Workshop

There is a Snowmass Small Experiments Workshop next week. Liz will give an HSF talk.

ASCR Workshop on the Science of Scientific-Software Development and Use

There is a DOE supported ASCR workshop 13-15 December on scientific software. There is a call for position papers: We invite community input in the form of two-page position papers that identify and discuss key challenges and opportunities in the science of the scientific-software development process and the study of the use of scientific software.

Should we put in an HSF paper for this? N.B. Deadline is 19 November. (The last similar paper we submitted was to the European Strategy Process, https://zenodo.org/record/2413005, could be a template?)

Working Group Updates

Mandates for 2022

We have started to think about WG convenerships for 2022. For WG convenors, please let Benedikt know your plans.

Data Analysis

Meeting yesterday on “Expanding analysis benchmarks” with a talk from LHCb analysts on fitting.

Potential future topic - running analysis software on GPUs.

Detector Simulation

Reconstruction and Software Triggers


Software Tools and Packaging

Software Training

Event Generators


Still have not scheduled our next meeting, but we will aim for at least one more before 2022.


HSF Calendar

HSF calendar now should be complete with LHC experiments, DUNE events, major conferences - thanks to Pete, Eduardo, Graeme, Stefano and Paul for helping. However, please double check and add anything that’s missing (e.g. Belle II).

SIDIS EU COST Funding proposal

SIDIS COST proposal was submitted last month.

Next Meeting

Next meeting 25 November. (Thanksgiving - will we be quorate?)