HSF Coordination Meeting #219, 25 November 2021

Present/Contributing: Graeme Stewart, Nicola Skidmore, Paul Laycock, Ben Morgan, Andrea Valassi, Aniket Raj, Dorothea Vom Bruch, Efe Yazgan, Michel Hernandez Villanueva, Teng Jian Khoo, Gordon Watts, Michel Jouvin, Eduardo Rodrigues, Alexander Moreno, Josh McFayden, Stefan Roiser, Andi Salzburger, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Sudhir Malik

Apologies/Contributing: It’s Thanksgiving, so US colleagues excused! Pere Mato, Serhan Mete,

News, general matters, announcements


HSF Talks

Snowmass Small Experiments Workshop

There was a Snowmass Small Experiments Workshop last week. Liz gave the HSF talk.

One practical follow-up would be in the context of the ESCAPE workflows activity (Caterina is our contact there). We want to follow up on that next year.

There is a follow-up report document to which we can contribute (join the “computingforsmallexps” channel in the Snowmass Slack).

ASCR Workshop on the Science of Scientific-Software Development and Use

There is a DOE supported ASCR workshop 13-15 December on scientific software. There is a call for position papers: We invite community input in the form of two-page position papers that identify and discuss key challenges and opportunities in the science of the scientific-software development process and the study of the use of scientific software.

It was felt useful to submit a paper to this, so Graeme, Liz and Eduardo wrote/contributed to what we submitted.

Working Group Updates

Mandates for 2022

We have started to think about WG convenerships for 2022. For WG conveners, please let Benedikt know your plans.

Outcome: we anticipate a call for WG conveners in 7 of the 8 groups (the exception is Simulation where everyone stays on). The search committee would by default be Graeme, Liz, Michel and Benedikt.

Email will be sent on Monday with a call for nominations and a 2 week window.

Data Analysis

Detector Simulation

Reconstruction and Software Triggers


Software Tools and Packaging

Software Training

Event Generators



Snowmass Slack

Noted that this was funded through Snowmass and funding will last for at least the duration of the process. Can it be continued beyond? Could the HSF help argue for that?

Conditions Databases

A new HSF Activity for Conditions Databases? BNL are adapting the Belle II conditions database design, which largely follows HSF CWP best practice, for the sPHENIX experiment. In so doing they are taking this as an opportunity to design something that incorporates as much of the experience and expertise from other experiments as possible. Paul Laycock, Andrea Formica and Giacomo Govi are interested in attempting to define “the” API for a conditions database (independent of technology choices). Other interesting discussion topics would be technology choices for the server, payload serialisation, calibration workflows, etc. This also relates to the relevant parts of the Data Analysis working group’s “Metadata” summary paper, particularly analysis global tags. The interested community is small but that makes knowledge exchange all the more important. Would it make sense to make this an HSF activity? It already covers experts from ATLAS, CMS, Belle II, DUNE and sPHENIX!

We shall discuss this proposal in more depth at the next meeting on 9 December.

GPU Hackathon

Next Meeting

Next meeting 9 December.

Meeting slots in Indico for next year are now booked. We follow the usual pattern, odd numbered weeks, giving us first meetings on 6 and 20 of January.