HSF Coordination Meeting #232, 7 July 2022

Present/Contributing: Graeme Stewart, Benedikt Hegner, Stephan Hageboeck, Markus Diefenthaler, Efe Yazgan, Dorothea vom Bruch, Mason Proffitt, Josh McFayden, Caterina Doglioni, Krzysztof Genser, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Paul Laycock, Eduardo Rodrigues


News, general matters, announcements

Analysis Ecosystems Workshop

Outcomes and conclusions document is close to being released for comment.

Software Citations

Following on from the email from Zach and Ale, Graeme and Liz met with Zach and discussed how to progress on this.

We also want to discuss with Dan Katz and try to formulate best practice recommendations for software projects and experiments. There are quite some inconsistencies in what we cite and also if the citations are consistent with reproducibility of the results (e.g., specific versions and tunes).

To be followed up after the summer.

Working Group Updates

Data Analysis

Detector Simulation

Reconstruction and Software Trigger


Event Generators

Software Training

5th HEP C++ Course and Hands-on Training

Scheduled for 11 - 13 Oct. This will be the “advanced course” as a followup from the “essentials” training we had in March. We will include C++20 content.

Registration will open 5 Sep, 9 am CEST

A stub entry (clone of last meeting so far) is available at https://indico.cern.ch/event/1172498/

In addition to this course we plan to hold “special training days” on specific C++20 topics, e.g. one training is in the works for “C++ concepts”

Other Interest and Activity Areas

Compute Accelerator Forum

Last meeting on 29 June, covered AdePT and Celeritas.

Next meeting will be in September - contact Stefan, Graeme or Ben to propose a topic.

Software and Computing Roundtable

Next meeting is Tuesday 12 July at 11h EST / 17h CEST. Topic will be Analysis III: Tools and Techniques.


HSF Mail in Spam?

After an intervention (finally!) by Microsoft, the junking of HSF emails by the MS spam filters seems to be avoided for now.

However, we would still like to progress towards a better solution for these lists @hepsoftwarefoundation.org, which will require some support from a HEP laboratory to handle the email domain.

GPU Hackathon

We have the opportunity to organise a dedicated GPU hackathon, from the gpuhackathons.org series at CERN. If interested and want to join with a team please contact Stefan.

ESCAPE / EOSC-Future science projects meeting

Next Meeting

Next coordination meeting is scheduled for 21 July (after that we will take our usual August break).