HSF Coordination Meeting #238 Virtual, 27 October 2022


Present/Contributing: Benedikt Hegner, Krzysztof Genser

Apologies/Contributing: Eduardo Rodrigues, Michel Villanueva, Josh McFayden

News, general matters, announcements

Working Group Updates


Almost all WG conveners answered to the question whether they want to continue their term in 2023. We need to find replacements for all working groups. Benedikt sent out a call for proposals. For now, the assumption is that the search committee has the same members as last year. If you want to join the search committee, please let us know.


Please try and book meetings in Indico at least 2 weeks in advance!

That way they go into the calendar early and they will be included in the weekly email announcement that goes to HSF Forum.

Data Analysis

Detector Simulation



Reconstruction and Software Trigger

Pinging potential speakers for the last two meetings in our 2023 plan, RICH and HF resonance reco.


Event Generators

MC4EIC 2022, the next workshop on Monte Carlo event simulation for the EIC, is jointly organized by the CTEQ collaboration, the EIC User Group, MCnet, and the HSF. Following up directly on previous workshops, the workshop agenda is made around four themes:

Efe, Josh, and Markus are part of the organization of the MC4EIC. We are waiting for a final word on Fermilab if MC4EIC can be a hybrid workshop hosted at Fermilab or a remote workshop only. We will then announce the workshop formally and add it on the HSF calendar. The dates are fixed: November 16–18.


IRIS-HEP/HSF Joint meeting on Software Citation and Recognition

We still plan this for 23 November, as a virtual event.

HSF Calendar

We started filling in the calendar for 2023.

But please check and help!

Next Meeting

Our next coordination meeting is on 10 November.