HSF Coordination Meeting #253, 6 July 2023


Present/Contributing: Graeme Stewart, Benedikt Hegner, Eduardo Rodrigues, Claire Antel, Patrick Gartung, Michel Jouvin, Pere Mato, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Nick Smith, Patick Gartung, Sudhir Malik, Tamas Gal, Valentin Volkl, Markus Diefenthaler, Matthew Feickert, Wouter Deconinck, Giulia Casarosa

Apologies/Contributing: Caterina Doglioni, Efe Yazgan

News, general matters, announcements

Google Summer of Code, 2023


LHCC 154 (June)

The LHCC Minutes are now published. On analysis facilities:

A focus session on Analysis Facilities has been organised during the LHCC week, where the current R&D work happening within the community and discussed in the HSF Analysis Facilities Forum has been presented. The HSF Analysis Facilities Forum has focused on the technical building blocks that can make the user experience more productive. Novel concepts of Analysis Facilities, integrating interactivity, scalability (offload) and Machine Learning tools are being built.

The LHCC recommends that experiments engage in the process of developing and defining the structure of the future Analysis Facilities and requests they produce a document which defines the use cases in order to establish realistic benchmarks. This process should be coordinated with the HL-LHC Computing and SW review panel. The document is expected to be regularly updated in the process towards the HL-LHC.

LHCC 155 (September) and 156 (November)

The next LHCC meeting (155, September) foresees a discussion on training, in the normal 20’ software slot. Liz and Graeme need to propose a speaker.

For LHCC meeting 156 (November), there will be a special session (~90’) on generators.

Software Liaisons

There will be some change in the software liaison roles in WLCG. This will be presented in more detail next meeting.

Working Group Updates

Data Analysis

Software Training

C++ Course and Hands-on Training

Software Tools and Packaging

Reconstruction and Software Trigger


Event Generators



Other Interest and Activity Areas


Compute Accelerator Forum

Next meeting, Wednesday 12 July: ALICE O2


Community Calendar

Should we open the calendar to events from other communities? e.g., Einstein Telescope.


Benedikt started an issue in GitHub to gather ideas about reorganising and revamping the website to better reflect our areas of actual activity.

HSF Twitter

Because of recent changes to Twitter (explicative deleted), our twitter feed on the website isn’t working.

Should we be considering other social media platforms?

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be, on 20 July (back to 32/S-C22 at CERN).

Propose then to take a break until 31 August.

Please sign up for chairing this or one of the future coordination meetings.