HSF Coordination Meeting #257, 28 September 2023

Present/Contributing: Graeme Stewart, Claire Antel, John Chapman, Patrick Gartung, Pere Mato, Markus Diefenthaler, Nicole Skidmore, Kyle Knoepfel

Apologies/Contributing: Benedikt Hegner, Efe Yazgan, Eduardo Rodrigues

News, general matters, announcements


RRB Reports

The text for the RRB report was submitted last week, covering software projects and HSF activities.

Working Group Updates

Data Analysis

Experiment training paper, it’s basically ready. Could go to Frontiers in Physics, special CHEP edition. Graeme will contact the editors.

Next meeting on HS3, still to fix a date.

Software Tools and Packaging

Meeting last week with Graeme Stewart, group conveners and Fermilab developers working on Spack integration: Marc Mengel and Chris Green.

Graeme and Marco will report in the AF next week on the Spack state-of-nation (they have been speaking to quite a few groups).

Could consider presenting this round-up in a future packaging meeting.

Detector Simulation

Had a meeting on 18th September on G4 optimisation and tuning. Two interesting talks. Some discussion between experiments.

Would still like to have a meeting on physics model extensions.

Reconstruction and Software Trigger

No new updates (still planning 4D tracking talk and another session on “efficient computing”).


Abstract acceptances went out last week. Now finalising timetable for the workshop. Event will fill the 4 days.


Have not yet settled on a date for a presentation regarding HPX. We will likely have a talk in October regarding lessons learned on incorporating C++20 within the art framework.

Physics Generators


Other Interest and Activity Areas

Compute Accelerator Forum

Software and Computing Roundtable

No progress on restating yet, but not forgotten!


Technical Note on Project Best Practices

The update on Project Best Practices will now be submitted to Zenodo. Last chance to review for this Friday.


Benedikt started an issue in GitHub to gather ideas about reorganising and revamping the website to better reflect our areas of actual activity.

We aim to try and have a new website ready for next year.

Community Calendar

As the autumn is now firmly entrenched, we should make sure the calendar is up to date with events for next year.

And anything else relevant for the software and computing communities in NHEP?


Went through a software decision process. Will be reviewed in October. Will need to make progress on metadata. Would like to work in the HSF context.

Paul Laycock would be a good contact, especially for the new metadata server used by sPHENIX that followed the HSF recommended design. (Work was presented at CHEP.)

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on 12 October.

Reminder: please sign up for chairing this or one of the future coordination meetings - we need volunteers from now until the end of the year!