HSF Coordination Meeting #260, 9 November 2023

Present/Contributing: Eduardo Rodrigues, Torre Wenaus, Joseph Wang, Nick Smith, Krzysztof Genser, Valentin Volkl

Apologies/Contributing: Benedikt Hegner, Graeme A. Stewart, Pere Mato

News, general matters, announcements

HSF Joint Workshop with WLCG

Working Group Updates

Website banners

We have the ability to put event banners on the HSF website. All it requires is a markdown file with the event data. See, e.g., files here.


Please try and book meetings in Indico at least 2 weeks in advance!

That way they go into the calendar early and they will be included in the weekly email announcement that goes to HSF Forum.

Conveners for 2024

Sent call for nominations last week. Very little feedback.

Claire volunteered for the search committee. Thanks!

Data Analysis

Aiming to set up HS3 meeting on Nov 20 (confirmation / announcement to follow).

Software Tools and Packaging

Detector Simulation


Physics Generators


Other Interest and Activity Areas

Compute Accelerator Forum

Software and Computing Roundtable

Torre - good intentions to restart it haven’t resulted in a restart, EIC/ePIC too busy. Still intend to restart it, we hope at the beginning of 2024.



There is an issue in GitHub to gather ideas about reorganising and revamping the website to better reflect our areas of actual activity.

We aim to try and have a new website ready for next year.

Community Calendar

As the autumn is now firmly entrenched, we should make sure the calendar is up to date with events for next year.

And anything else relevant for the software and computing communities in NHEP.

EUCAIFCon: 30/04-3/05/2024

European AI for Fundamental Physics Conference (EuCAIFCon) - 30 April to 3 May 2024


Some background: this is a JENAA (Joint ECFA/NuPECC/APPEC Activity) Expression of Interest that started around the time of the Bologna ECFA computing workshop. The aim is to advance the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Fundamental Physics.

Some early details are on https://www.eucaif.org and it will eventually appear here.

Caterina is in the organising committee, and would like to find a way to connect HSF training / PyHEP as foundations to use of ML in HEP. Feedback/other ideas?

GSOC Mentor Summit Summary

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on 23 November.

Reminder: please sign up for chairing this or one of the future coordination meetings - we need volunteers from now until the end of the year!