HSF Coordination Meeting #262, 18 January 2024

Present/Contributing: Graeme Stewart, Pere Mato, Eduardo Rodrigues, Paul Laycock, Benedikt Hegner, Alexander Held, Alexander Moreno, Patrick Gartung, Mark Neubauer, Krzysztof Genser, Michel Jouvin, Nick Smith, Michel Jouvin, Jim Pivarski, Valentin Volkl

Apologies/Contributing: Caterina Doglioni

News, general matters, announcements

HSF Joint Workshop with WLCG

The Indico for the WLCG-HSF workshop at DESY (13-17 May) is now available: https://indico.cern.ch/e/wlcg-hsf-2024.

Registration should open soon (which will happen via DESY Indico).

At the moment Graeme and Eduardo are “core” organisers (session conveners will be needed). Would anyone else like to join that core team?

Ideas for sessions

At the IRIS-HEP Steering Board meeting (see below), there was support for a session on Analysis Facilities.

HSF Organisation and Structure

In the Coordination Team we started to think about how the HSF is organised and how to tackle the challenges for our second decade.

This is an ongoing, and productive, discussion - we should have ideas that we want to discuss more widely with everyone soon.

Working Group Updates

Conveners for 2024

We are in the process of inviting new conveners for 2024. We have had quite a few positive responses already:

Frameworks WG in 2024

Data Analysis

Detector Simulation

Software Training

C++ Course and Hands-on Training



Other Interest and Activity Areas

Google Summer of Code 2024

Registration for organizations opens 22.1. The HSF team will stay the same as last year (Baidyanath, Wouter, Valentin, Benedikt) Focus this year should be more on AI related topics as asked for by Google. Biggest visible change is the introduction of a small project category. Which means we have small (~90 hours), medium (~175 hrs) and large (~350 hours) projects.

Analysis Facilities

Really need to pin down needs and use cases to have a productive discussion at DESY - this will need some experiment commitment and input.

Compute and Accelerator Forum



There is an issue in GitHub to gather ideas about reorganising and revamping the website to better reflect our areas of actual activity.

We aim to try and have a new website ready for the workshop.

Community Calendar

Should be complete now for 2024, but please also add anything else relevant for the software and computing communities in NHEP that you see is missing.

JENA Computing Workshop

After the JENA Computing Workshop in June, there is now a call for people to participate in the 5 key area working groups (HPC, Software, DOMA, Machine Learning, Training).

See here, for the workshop summary and links to express interest in the WGs.

Next Meetings

The next meeting will be on 1 February.

Reminder: please sign up for chairing one of the 2024 meetings.