HSF Coordination Meeting #265, 29 February 2024


Present/Contributing: Caterina Doglioni, Pere Mato, Jim Pivarski, Reiner Hauser, Joe Osborn, Alexander Moreno, Andrea Valenzuela, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Paul Laycock, Patrick Gartung, Jamie Gooding, Benedikt Hegner, Matthew Feickert, Torre Wenaus, Michel Jouvin, Stefan Roiser, Tommaso Lari, Krzysztof Genser, Steven Mrenna, Daniel Elvira

Apologies/Contributing: Graeme Stewart, Eduardo Rodrigues

News, general matters, announcements

HSF Joint Workshop with WLCG

Registration is now open for the WCLG-HSF workshop at DESY (13-17 May) is now available: https://indico.cern.ch/e/wlcg-hsf-2024 (register at the DESY linked Indico)

Graeme, Eduardo and Caterina are helping with the overall organisation for HSF.

We would like to have a few dedicated sessions/talks:

Our main HSF activity will, however, refocus on community software. We have opened a call for abstracts:

The HSF will have several sessions on Community Software at the workshop. We invite you to submit abstracts for talks of 20’ where you can describe a tool, package or other contribution that you are making to software for multiple HEP experiments. Submissions describing projects or other ideas, such as training initiatives or community support structures are also warmly welcomed. This is your chance to show off how good your project is and to meet and talk to current and future users!

Please broadcast this call widely and encourage contributors. Deadline is 18 March.


Generators presented at the last LHCC meeting, with a number of comments/findings from the HSF discussions. Echoed from the generator workshop from last November:


announcement, website, 2023 workshop,

Keep thinking about how to involve the experimental / theory communities in the broader picture of nuclear and astrophysics.

Related: SFT has a new machine learning group: how to integrate models better into frameworks (and analysis facilities)?

Google Summer of Code 2024

HSF accepted as organization. Number of slots only known after student rankings.

Some communication (from the candidates) is lost in CERN email security-related issues / filters. Maybe a solution could be to use Google / GitHub classroom to recruit and select candidates.

Q&A from later on in the meeting:

HSF Evolution

Work in progress: next meeting of the core coordination team next week, producing some text for everyone to look at.

Working Group Updates

Data Analysis

Nothing to report.


See slides on the agenda.

Workshop planning, started planning for PyHEP.dev early as it’s an in-person workshop that complements the (users, general) PyHEP online for July 1-4 2024.

Prep meetings in Princeton and Aachen. Planning for a PyHEP.dev conclusion document.

Monthly topical meetings in the past lack speakers now - how to keep them useful / the audience engaged?

Plan: have a topical chat about this in the future.

Detector Simulation

Software Training

This week’s event:

Expressed our interest in:

C++ Course and Hands-on Training

Software Tools and Packaging

Reconstruction and Software Trigger

Presenting plans at next meeting.

Physics Generators

Incoming/outgoing conveners meeting soon, organise training sessions in the spirit of what was done last year.

Training the next generation of people who are doing generators is hard (especially at labs).

Points to think about:


Other Interest and Activity Areas

Analysis Facilities

The Analysis Facilities Forum Whitepaper is now revised and finalised.

In the best HSF tradition, you are invited to read and endorse the paper (please email the AFF conveners to do this)

Compute and Accelerator Forum

Indico agenda for March/Apr/May: https://indico.cern.ch/category/12741/

March: joint meeting with OpenLab (Nvidia) April: high-performance I/O for HEP May: GPU infrastructure and tools being developed

Planned to have AMD later this year (June?), have CPU/GPU.

Software and Computing Roundtable

Restart pushed back to April.


CERN Mail filtering

We had issues again this week with HSF mail being quarantined by the CERN mail filters (xorlabs). This was due to Google Group’s propensity to spoof sender addresses (see this article. HSF Forum, WG Convener and Coordination lists are now whitelisted. We are discussing if we can fix this also on the group settings, changing the Default sender to Group Address.

If you have other Google Groups you use, please watch out for this!

Next Meetings

The next meeting will be on 14 March.

Reminder: please sign up for chairing one of the 2024 meetings.