HSF Coordination Meeting #267, 28 March 2024

Present/Contributing: Graeme Stewart, Tommaso Lari, Claire Antel, Pere Mato, Michel Jouvin, Krzysztof Genser, Alexander Moreno, Stefan Roiser, Paul Laycock, Mark Neubauer, Uwe Acosta, Andrea Valenzuela, Reiner Hauser, Gordon

Apologies/Contributing: Andrea Valassi, Benedikt Hegner, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Torre Weanus, Caterina Doglioni, Eduardo Rodrigues

News, general matters, announcements

HSF Joint Workshop with WLCG

The extended abstract submission deadline passed on Monday. In the end we had almost too many abstracts to fit in.

We decided, with the training group, to have 6 sessions dedicated to community software (+1) and 1 for training (-1). Together with a few merges this allowed us to squeeze in all that we wanted.

We have organising the abstracts into appropriate session blocks:

Early registration for the workshop is now extended to 8 April - please sign up!

Training: there will be a 90’ session, invited talks and discussion time on increasing the impact of training. Wed 15 May, PM.

Google Summer of Code 2024

Selected students are working on proposals - note that the deadline for proposals is very soon now, 2 April 18 UTC.

HSF Evolution

We now have decent drafts of some of our HSF evolution documents. Some of the highlight points are:

Working Group Updates

Data Analysis


Detector Simulation

Software Training

C++ Course and Hands-on Training

Reconstruction and Software Trigger


Tools and Packaging

Other Interest and Activity Areas

Analysis Facilities

The Analysis Facilities Forum Whitepaper is revised and finalised. Many people have added their endorsement. If you still want to then please email the AFF conveners right away.

Compute and Accelerator Forum

Indico agenda

Planned to have AMD CPU update later this year.

Software and Computing Roundtable

Andrea Valassi is the new HSF representative on the round table organisation group.


EVERSE Kickoff Meeting

The EVERSE consortium (research software and code excellence!) had its kick-off meeting two weeks ago. There is a news article on the website.

CERN Mail filtering

Not much of an update in the last two weeks. Mail forwarding continues to be an issue and the whole landscape of email is changing towards strict SPF/DKIM/DMARC.

We are getting HSF lists whitelisted (HSF Forum, WG Convener and Coordination lists are now ok). If you see other problems, please send a ticket to CERN Security.

Other workshops

Next Meetings

The next meeting will be on 11 April.

Reminder: please sign up for chairing one of the 2024 meetings.