Development Services

Both CERN and Fermilab have expressed willingness to support some development tools and services for the HSF community, once technical issues are worked out. For example, access to TechLab resources at CERN. In other areas the HSF may provide guidance, recommendations, templates etc. for the use of open source tools. This working group will plan and coordinate activities and service offerings in this area.


Message sent to the HSF forum on March 26 2015

CERN TechLab has been very responsive in taking up with the HSF startup team an examination of how we can secure access for HSF participants to TechLab resources, as agreed at the SLAC workshop. Probably the trickiest part is to establish a process to authenticate non-CERN people on the hosts. TechLab is prepared to work with us and early-adopter project(s) to work through the issues. They suggest an initial focus be on leveraging TechLab for performance measurements and/or energy consumption studies.
We invite people to get in touch with us who are interested to have their projects participate as an early adopter and guinea pig. Contact the startup team at

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