HSF Training Modules

This table of the HSF training modules is mostly meant for administrative purposes. If you’re a student and want to discover our training content, go here.

ID Name Description Status Links
advancedgit Advanced git Learn to work with branches and more with this interactive webpage. stable
cicd CI/CD (gitlab) Continuous integration and deployment with gitlab. stable
cicdgithub CI/CD (github) Continuous integration and deployment with github actions. stable
cmake Build systems: cmake Building code is hard. CMake makes it easier. stable
docker Docker Introduction to the docker container image system. stable
git Version controlling with git Track code changes, undo mistakes, collaborate. This module is a must. stable
gpuml Machine learning on GPU Speed up your machine learning using massive parallelization! stable
hepcpp HEP C++ Course A full introduction to C++ based on a series of slides and exercises. stable
julia Julia An introduction to Julia for HEP, especially for those familiar with Python (or C++) stable
levelupyourpython Level up your python Advanced bits of python (testing, debugging, logging, and more) stable
lhcb-analysis-essentials LHCb Analysis Essentials From python, shell, and git to reproducible analyses with Snakemake. Written for LHCb, but applicable to everyone. stable
matplotlib Matplotlib for HEP Make science prettier with beautiful plots! beta
ml Machine learning Get behind the buzzword and teach machines to work for you intelligently! stable
python Programming with python Get started with an incredibly popular programming language. stable
reana Reproducible analyses with REANA Run containerised data analysis pipelines on remote compute clouds. stable
root ROOT The most famous data analysis framework used in HEP. stable
root-analysis Particle physics methods Learn about ROOT, RooFit, machine learning with TMVA, and physics simulations. beta
scikithep Scikit-HEP A collection of packages for particle physics analyses in Python. stable
se-for-sci Software Engineering for Scientific Computing This course covers various best practices like testing, pytest, object oriented programming, packing, CI, and more. stable
simpleanalysis A simple analysis A simple analysis using CMS open data. stable
singularity Singularity Introduction to containerization with Singularity/Apptainer. stable
ssh SSH Introduction to the Secure Shell (SSH) alpha
testingpython Unit testing Unit testing in python. beta
unix The UNIX Shell A guide through the basics of the file systems and the shell. stable
unroot UnROOT Open ROOT files in Julia! beta
uproot uproot Reading and writing ROOT files without having to install ROOT. beta