HSF Training Modules

This table of the HSF training modules is mostly meant for administrative purposes. If you’re a student and want to discover our training content, go here.

ID Name Description Status Links
advancedgit Advanced git Working with branches and more alpha
alpaka alpaka alpaka is a header-only C++ abstraction library for accelerator development alpha
cicd CI/CD Continous integration and deployment with gitlab stable
cicdgithub CI/CD github Continous integration and deployment with github actions beta
cmake Build systems: cmake stable
doc Documentation sphinx, doxygen, etc. alpha
docker Docker Introduction to the docker container image system stable
generators Event generation and MC pythia, sherpa, madgraph, etc. alpha
git Version controlling with git Track code changes, undo mistakes, collaborate. This module is a must. stable
gpuml Machine learning on GPU stable
grid Distributed file systems and grid computing alpha
hepcpp HEP C++ Course stable
matplotlib Matplotlib for HEP alpha
ml Machine learning stable
moderncpp Basic Modern C++ alpha
parallel Parallel programming alpha
python Programming with python Get started with an incredibly popular programming language. stable
root ROOT alpha
simpleanalysis A simple analysis A simple analysis using CMS open data stable
ssh SSH Introduction to the Secure Shell (SSH) alpha
testingpython Unit testing Unit testing in python beta
uproot uproot Reading and writing ROOT files without having to install ROOT. beta
yadagereana Workflows & reproducability E.g. yadage and reana alpha