The HSF Training Working Group aims to help the research community to provide training in the computing skills needed for researchers to produce high quality, sustainable software. The group works with experiment training groups, with HEP initiatives (such as IRIS-HEP and FIRST-HEP) and with organisations like Software Carpentry to coordinate training activities.

The group aims to develop a training programme that can be followed by all researchers to achieve the level of knowledge that they require. This ranges from basic core skills, needed by everyone, to advanced training required by specialists in software and computing.

HSF Training Pyramid

Github Organization

The HSF-Training GitHub Organization has Analysis Essentials, a course on basic computing required for HEP, and PyHEP resources, a page of Python-focused training resources.

Current and Upcoming Training Schools

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  1. 13 Jan - 22 Jan 2020 - 11th International School of Trigger and Data Acquisition

For full list of Upcoming and Past Schools enter here

How to participate ?

Everybody is welcome to join the forum dedicated to HSF training activities. This is the place where ideas and proposals are discussed and actions decided!

Weekly meetings are usually held at 15h30 CERN time on Mondays. Check Indico for details.