Guidelines for training material


The training material should aim at and be relevant for the HEP community.

Format of the training modules

We are a fan of developing training modules similar to the work of the software carpentry: as a git repository containing a set of markdown files together with nice tooling to display them as fancy webpages. This format makes it easy to collaboratively extend and maintain the modules.

We are also open for other formats as well (suggestions are always welcome), if they are

Hosting the training material

We would like to bring together HEP-flavored training modules at one central hub in order to make it easier to collaborate, to develop a full standardized HEP software curriculum and build a community around it.

We are aiming for a specific audience and hence our central vision is to work towards a convergence on the training modules and avoid a fragmented setup with many different forks

As a central place to collaborate, we have the hsf-training github organization as central repository to collect and host different software training modules.

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