HSF Training Talks & Papers

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Date Type Title Note
2023-05-09 talk Building a Global HEP Software Training Community (CHEP talk)
2023-05-08 talk Train to Sustain (CHEP talk)
2023-05-08 talk Training and on-boarding initiatives in HEP (CHEP talk)
2022-11-7 talk HSF / IRIS-HEP Training Activities (Coordinated Ecosystems Workshop)
2022-10-12 talk Training Challenge (IRIS-HEP retreat)
2022-09-12 talk Teaching Python the Sustainable Way: Lessons Learned at HSF Training (pyHEP 22)
2022-09-05 talk Sustainable Software Training Delivery at the HEP Software Foundation
2021-02-28 paper Software Training in HEP Published in CSBS
2021-06-29 talk Software Training and Sustainable HEP Video available
2021-05-21 talk Software Training in HEP Video available
2020-11-19 talk Community building Video available
2020-11-19 talk HSF Training: Making "that thing my postdoc taught me once" available for everyone Video available
2018-07-08 paper HEP Software Foundation Community White Paper Working Group - Training, Staffing and Careers