Software Technology R&D Forum - ReactiveX

We are happy to announce the next installment of the Software Technology R&D Forum, with a real technology highlight and speaker gem.

We managed to secure Kirk Shoop (Microsoft), the author of rxcpp, an implementation of the ReactiveX “approach”. This is a data-driven way of concurrent processing, leveraged for instance by Netflix. Some see it as the language-independent destination of all concurrency efforts, after we gave up on dealing with low-level entities like tasks and futures.

After his Computing Seminar (which will be recorded but not webcast) he offered a workshop-style session to discuss how to cast existing algorithms into the ReactiveX approach, with rxcpp as an example. Apart from his presentation, we would like to expose him to challenges from our environment and see how well ReactiveX maps to this.

You are cordially invited to bring those challenges with you, for instance by a two-slides presentation. Please contact the organizers if you volunteer to expose your concurrency / data processing challenges!

The session is scheduled for Thursday March 9, 17:00 GVA time (NOTE the unusual day and time due to speaker availability). At CERN, the physical location will be 32-1-A24; see for slides and Vidyo.

Best regards,

Axel with Peter and Jerome.