Season of Docs 2020 Technical writer blogs


Extending and improving the ROOT documentation

Johannes Hentrich

by Johannes Hentrich

ROOT is an object-oriented framework that provides all the functionalities needed to deal with big data processing, statistical analysis, visualization and storage in high-energy physics (The Higgs boson was found with ROOT!). The documentation of ROOT is very comprehensive and is constantly evolving. The main task is to focus on the questions and needs of the users. This was done with the help of Season of Docs.

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Modernize the Rucio documentation

Divya Mohan

by Divya Mohan

Documentation has been cited as one of the key factors along with established policies towards the adoption of Open-Source software packages. With the industry projected to cross $33 billion by 2022, the role that technically & qualitatively sound documentation assumes is only set to gain more importance.

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RNTuple climate data tutorial and Reference Specifications

by John Yoon

Google’s Season of Docs offers an opportunity for technical writers and open source organizations to collaborate on projects that would improve through documentation. Following the program’s application process, I was fortunate enough to match up with CERN, specifically with its software framework team, ROOT. Per ROOT’s own website, “ROOT is a software framework for data analysis and I/O: a powerful tool to cope with the demanding tasks typical of state of the art scientific data analysis.”

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Restructuring & Streamlining of the Allpix Squared Documentation

by Sabita Rao

If you’re a technical writer, GSoD is where you want to be. As a newbie, you’ll learn all about open source methodologies and tech. As a seasoned writer, you’ll showcase your expertise while finetuning your skills. Either way, you’ll challenge everything ranging from your laptop’s processors to your own capabilities. An absolute bonus is the experience of working with incredible mentors in trendsetting organizations.

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