Machine Learning Project - Multi-target Regression for Particle Physics

Project Description

Toolkit for Multivariate Analysis (TMVA) is a multi-purpose machine learning toolkit integrated into the ROOT scientific software framework, used in many particle physics data analysis and applications. We have recently expanded the regression (continuous function estimation) capabilities of the toolkit to include multiple loss-functions. One important open area of machine learning research is multi-target (or multi-objective) regression. In this project, the goal is to learn to estimate multiple continuous target functions at once. This summer we would like to expand the toolkit capabilities in multi-target/multi-objective function estimation. This has promising applications in particle physics research, such as particle transformations, fast detector simulation and many more, enabling particle physicists to make faster discoveries.

Task ideas and expected result


Strong C++ skills, understanding of machine learning and in particular, its application to function estimation/regression</span></p>



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