Rucio - WebDAV/HTTP-based transfer orchestration


Rucio is a data management system for modern large-scale scientific experiments. It allows experiments to deal with vast amounts of data in a scalable, modular, and flexible way. Our primary instance for the ATLAS experiment orchestrated an Exabyte of data transfer and processing in 2017. To orchestrate these global transfers between data-centres, Rucio supports pluggable external transfer tools dedicated to large-scale experiments. However, especially for smaller communities the deployment and operation of such an external transfer tool involves a significant amount of operations and resources. For this reason we are seeking a motivated student to design, implement, and test a lightweight WebDAV/HTTP-based transfer tool that supports the Rucio transfertool API natively and internally. If you are interested in large-scale data management, networked systems, and open protocols then come and join our open development team and contribute to our free and open-source Github repository.

Task idea

Development of a plugin module for the Rucio transfer system, which can enable third-party copy of files using the WebDAV/HTTP standard.

Expected results

Objective 1 - Setup a Rucio development environment

Objective 2 - Design an architecture for a lightweight WebDAV/HTTP-based transfer tool

Objective 3 - Implement the lightweight WebDAV/HTTP-based transfer tool

Objective 4 - Report



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