Rucio - WebExtension for browser-based storage interaction


Rucio is a data management system for modern large-scale scientific experiments. It allows experiments to deal with vast amounts of data in a scalable, modular, and flexible way. The web interface of Rucio represents a common way of interacting with Rucio. It allows users to perform all basic operations, including replication of data or searching for it, in the most user-friendly way. One important feature that is still missing, is the ability of downloading datasets with minimal effort. Datasets are logical collections of files and are a common way of structuring data in Rucio. Although it is already possible to download single files through the web interface, to download a dataset the user would need to manually download file after file. The need of authentication to the storage system using certificates further complicates the process a. With single file download the certificate has to be selected for each download separately. Thus the solution is to create web browser extensions, which will handle the authentication and automatically download the selected files of a given dataset.

Task idea

Development of a browser extension to handle metalink files generated by the Rucio backend. All current browsers use the WebExtension API and it should be portable to any browser without much effort. The plugin should handle authentication and do automatic failover if multiple replicas are reported in the metalink.

Expected results

Objective 1 - Setup a Rucio development environment and familiarise with the Rucio code

Objective 2 - Survey existing extensions

Objective 3 - Develop the plugin for any one of the three browsers

Objective 4 - Port the plugin to the other two browsers

Objective 5 - Report



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