Container deployment performance across Grid sites


The ALICE Experiment at the CERN LHC relies on the WLCG, Worldwide LHC Computing Grid, for processing and analysing large quantities of its data. With clusters spread across hundreds computing sites worldwide, most of the computing resources provided by these sites vary greatly in both hardware and configurations.

To assure compatibility with the software requirements of its applications, ALICE is moving towards a new framework for executing tasks on the Grid using containers. To execute containers, the sites must meet a series of prerequisites both in terms of operating system and container handling software. The readiness of the site to run containers must be ensured before configuring the task submission using the ALICE container framework.

To that end, a test framework and testing methodology must be developed and executed on all sites providing resources for ALICE. The results of the test must be analysed and reported back to the site administrators for action in case of issues or incomplete provision of the necessary prerequisites.

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