Local replica of JAliEn central services for research and development


The ALICE Experiment at the CERN LHC is preparing for the restart of the LHC (Run3) in 2021. To that end, a new Grid framework JAliEn with extended capabilities is being developed and tested as the successor of the AliEn framework.

This framework will be deployed on a set of central services as well as on more than 80 individual computing sites, which provide CPU and storage resources for ALICE.

To streamline the development and to give the individual developers a robust local development framework with all necessary capabilities, the core of the JAliEn system (JCentral) must be deployed individually, on a single host, with all necessary configurations.

In this project, the student will develop a procedure for creating a JCentral replica. The end goal of this project is a command line utility that lets JAliEn developers quickly start and destroy the local replicas.

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