Summary of GSoC 2024 Proposals

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Full List of Proposals

ATLAS: Lossless compression of raw data for the ATLAS experiment at CERN
CBACK: Containerisation of CBACK backup system
CernVM-FS: Buildcache of vendored dependencies
CernVM-FS: Benchmarking of new FUSE features
Clad: Enable reverse-mode automatic differentiation of (CUDA) GPU kernels using Clad
Clad: Implement and improve an efficient, layered tape with prefetching capabilities
Clad: Implement Differentiating of the Kokkos Framework
Clad: Improve automatic differentiation of object-oriented paradigms using Clad
Clad: Add support for consteval and constexpr functions in Clad
Cppyy: Adoption of CppInterOp in ROOT
Cppyy: Implement CppInterOp API exposing memory, ownership and thread safety information
Cppyy: Enable CUDA compilation on Cppyy-Numba generated IR
Cppyy: STL/Eigen - Automatic conversion and plugins for Python based ML-backends
Ganga: Incorporate a Large Language Model to assist users
Geant4: Geant4-FastSim - Fast inference of Diffusion models
ROOT: Using ROOT in the field of genome sequencing
JuliaHEP: Julia interoperating with HEP C++ libraries
JuliaHEP: Machine Learning in Julia for Calorimeter Showers
Key4hep: Any collection in Data model explorer
MCnet: MCnet/LHAPDF - online dashboard and data-visualisation for parton density functions
MCnet: MCnet/Rivet - multiarch Docker images from CI
MCnet: MCnet/YODA - Improved unit testing and coverage reports from CI
Key4hep: Enabling efficient PODIO data model integration with ONNX for training and inference
ROOT: SOFIE Developments - Inference Code Generation for Deep Learning models
ROOT: ROOT - Developments - Improve Python interface for HIstograms
ROOT: Improving performance of BioDynaMo using ROOT C++ Modules
ROOT: ROOT Superbuilds
Xeus-Cpp: Implementing missing features in xeus-cpp
Xeus-Cpp: Integrate a Large Language Model with the xeus-cpp Jupyter kernel