Writing a blog about your project with HSF in GSoC

Student blogs are mandatory for CERN-HSF starting with GSoC 2022 edition! This is now common practice and it is an efficient way to track the activity within the different GSoC projects. For students: consider this your own GSoC page. You should publish all relevant information about the activity: links to proposals, presentations, reports, and also your experience with GSoC.

Your experience is invaluable for future GSoC candidates and for improving the program every year. There are some guidelines for publishing your blogs using the HSF GitHub repository.

Size and content

We are still experimenting this year, so there are no formal rules. The idea is that we offer a one-page placeholder that can be used for a short project description and links to all relevant materials. Some links are mandatory, such as the link to your project proposal and the links to the GSoC reports that you have to provide in the program. Few things to consider: the size of inlined text should not be exhaustive for readability reasons, and links should not point to temporary pages.

Making a pull request for your blog

  • Fork git repository
  • Add _gsocblogs/YEAR/
  • Add a front matter, using the labels as below
  • Commit to your fork and make a pull request, asking a review from your mentor(s)

project: HSF [replace with the project label as in _gsocprojects/YEAR/]
title: Your article title. This is generally your project name.
author: Jane Doe
photo: blog_authors/JaneDoe.jpg [Upload a squared format photo or avatar in the folder images/blog_authors/FirstLast.jpg]
avatar:[user_id]?s=400&v=4 [Use a web-based avatar instead of a photo. To use your github avatar, go to your github profile and copy the address of your avatar image, then paste it after the label, changing the size value to s=400]
date: 16.05.2022 [Use the date when you wrote the article]
year: 2022 [Make sure the year is the current one]
layout: blog_post
logo: hsf_logo_angled.png [Use the same file name as in _gsocprojects/YEAR/]
intro: |
Short introduction that will appear alongside other blogs. It can match the beginning of the detailed article.
Start your detailed article using markdown hereā€¦