HEP Software Foundation startup team meeting notes, Oct 8 2014


Present: Torre, John, Andrea, Dario, Craig, Frank Apologies: Pere, Michel, Daniel


Meeting notes

news on contacts made, discussions had, …

Torre - recent contacts and discussions:

open floor for general discussion on startup

Craig - meeting time is not good for Pacific time. Can it be an hour later? *** The discussion made it clear we’ll need a Doodle poll, action on Torre.

Andrea outlined input he sent by email, and general discussion ensued. Some points from the discussion:

There was pretty much unanimous agreement within the discussion, and with the directions presented last week which were consistent with the discussion. The discussion took up most of the hour.

practical organization: mailing list/discussion forum, agendas, vidyo/or…, web presence, …

We came to quick agreement on some points:

discussion of what to focus on early, relative priorities

Discussed above.

how to proceed on white paper synthesis

Torre uploaded to google docs some bulleted notes on white paper highlights and main points. These need more eyes reviewing and improving them so they represent the white papers well and can be a guide to identifying commonality, priorities and writing the synthesis. Dario has gone over them, Craig volunteers to do so as well, *** others are asked to as well. Either state which ones you’ll review or if you have time, go over all of them. Torre volunteers to then take it to the next step of a first draft outline of a synthesised document.

plans, objectives for SLAC workshop

[We didn’t get to this. Richard’s doodle poll leads to the conclusion that Tue/Wed Jan 20/21 looks best for the workshop. We should think about whether/how we want to use additional days for ancillary meetings.]


Meeting next week. We may or may not have managed to settle on a new time by next week; if not, we’ll meet at the same time.