HEP Software Foundation startup team meeting notes, Oct 15 2014


Present: Torre, Pere, Dario, Frank, Daniel, Andrea, Craig, Michel Apologies: Graeme


Meeting notes

Torre is chairing today. Pere will chair next week.

Any issues with meeting notes of last week


We agreed we will gather links to meetings and minutes in the meetings page of hepsoftwarefoundation.org (rather than just linking to indico), in order to provide clear and easy access to our meetings and minutes.

News on contacts made, discussions had, …

Continuation of open floor discussion on startup, with more people present

Torre - We were happy to accept the suggestion of Roger Jones to ask Graeme Stewart to join the startup team. Graeme brings much expertise and we now have the UK represented. Graeme wasn’t able to make it today.

Torre - had an informal conversation with the Geant4 spokesperson Makoto Asai; he and G4 are following HSF developments closely and with great interest.

Pere - Contacted Michelangelo Mangano, theorist at CERN, he runs LHC physics center. Presented the HSF, which he was aware of. Want to learn what’s the best way to approach the theory community. He suggests to organize an ad hoc meeting with key developers of the 5 or 6 main MC generators. We should expose our ideas and be open for feedback, listen to them. Andrea - Ask them to prepare a presentation? As I suggested last week for fastjet, get real developers saying what the real problems are. Craig - Include neutrino generators in that discussion. Start from the beginning with not limiting the contacts and scope to only the LHC.

It was noted that theory/generators is not represented on the startup team; a question for the discussion is do they have someone willing to be proactively engaged in HSF startup who could join the team.

Discussion ensued on the (in)formality of these contacts and discussions in advance of the workshop. We agree that they should all be regarded as informal, part of the fluid phase of initially gathering information and input to help guide the formation of the foundation.

Discussions have to take place soon given the timeline set by the workshop. We should build on the lists presented by Torre and Pere 2 weeks ago to come quickly to a first list of communities and projects to target for discussions first. Including also of course those who proactively contact us.

Going into these discussions we should be able to give them in advance a document providing them background on the foundation and its objectives, even if just in draft – ie the white paper synthesis. This points out how important it is we proceed fast on the white paper synthesis (see below).

We have to develop a first (flexible) plan for the workshop also, to expose and gather feedback. Objectives, focus, blocked out agenda. Keeping enough flexibility in the agenda to be open to ideas people my have for presentations.

*** We came to a rough timeline for the next 1-2 weeks:

Practical organization

Startup team meeting timeslot: thanks all for providing input. Thu 4pm looks like the best timeso far (that does not impose a 6pm meeting on Europeans) but we need Graeme’s input. http://doodle.com/fu4p3gxetanxu5q3

Two google groups are set up, one (by invitation) for the startup team, one (open) as a general forum (and ‘interim board’). http://groups.google.com/d/forum/hep-sf-startup-team http://groups.google.com/d/forum/hep-sf-forum We agreed

We now have a website: http://hepsoftwarefoundation.org Hosted in EC2 (courtesy of US ATLAS), based on Drupal. Still in its formative stages. Safe to start adding material; the full site and DB is backed up to S3 several times a day. All are invited and encouraged to sign up and help build the site. Torre and Pere are admins at this point.

*** To be investigated: how to set up limited-access areas (for startup team) on the site.

Status of white paper review/summation, plan for synthesised document

As discussed, we need to move along quickly in preparing the document. c.f. the timeline reported above – next Tuesday we will consider the bulleted summary of the white papers to be accepted by the startup team and we’ll proceed to drafting the document.

Section added to the end of the google doc for things not emerging from the white papers which should be considered for inclusion (e.g. Dario mentioned that there is much commonality in how application UIs are developed these days, using web interfaces and javascript tools; something to consider including).

Plans, objectives for SLAC workshop including ancillary meetings

No time to take this up in the meeting (again). Will have an email discussion on the priority issues to address, like what allowance we want to have for ancillary meetings so that we know the overall time envelope.

Next steps

The reported timeline, publicizing the open google forum, adding content to hepsoftwarefoundation.org, …


There will be a meeting next week, hopefully in whatever new timeslot we have established.