HSF Interim Foundation Board Meeting - Oct 22 2014

A fourth discussion of the HEP Software Foundation’s Interim Foundation Board, chaired by John Harvey and minuted by Ian Bird.

Following the proposal at the last meeting, Torre Wenaus (BNL) and Pere Mato (CERN) have agreed to lead the initial efforts to set up the software foundation. Torre on behalf of Pere and himself presented first suggestions of how to proceed with starting up the HSF. It was agreed that Torre and Pere would proceed with a startup plan along the lines presented, with a first meeting of the startup team the next week.

Following discussion at the previous meeting, Richard Mount confirmed that the US would host a workshop at SLAC during the week of Jan 19 [date subsequently set as Jan 21-22]. This date would give the core group time to work, while leaving sufficient time before a further meeting at CHEP.


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