HEP Software Foundation Startup Team Meeting notes Jun 15 2015



Present: Andrea, Dario, Liz, Michel, Torre

General items

Meeting time slot: send a reminder for the Doodle with an explicit subject!

Activities and working groups


Meeting last week: interest by Brett and Jim after Pere’s presentation of LCG CMake

Liz at CERN next week: will prepare report for iFB with Benedikt


Next meeting: next Wednesday

Ability to execute code as part of tutorial: Dario will discuss with Pere and see if it is worth starting a discussion in the forum to evaluate the interest for a common work in HSF around this kind of technology


2 sides in the licensing debate: GPL/LGPL (copyleft) and permissive (Apache2)

Important that the TN acknowledges these 2 sides to help with future discussion and may be progress.

Technical Notes

Andrews absent. Will ping him…

Software projects

Gaudi development meeting last week: HSF mentioned a lot!

Communication and knowledge base

Andrea: no time yet to look at knowledge base

Newsletter: make the first issue after the next iFB meeting, using the material produced

Hackaton: should HSF take the initiative of such events

Development tools and services

No progress

iFB meeting (June 24th)

Michel: should not the agenda be a summary report and a more detailed report for a few specific activities?

Next workshop

Discuss at iFB.


Next meeting: next week, usual time