Meeting notes for the June 22, 2015 startup team meeting

Indico Agenda

Present: Torre, Pere, Benedikt, Daniel, Andrew, Andrea

Apologies: Michel, Dario

Startup meeting timeslot

The doodle suggests that Thu 5pm works well. Agreed that we will move to Thu 5pm CERN time effective next week

IFB meeting readiness

Expected presentations:

The rest will be short updates included in a catch-all ‘Other activities’ talk at the end, which Pere will give. It will include brief status news that people will contribute for software projects, dev tools and services, knowledge base/communication.

No announcement of the meeting has gone out yet. After this meeting (and when indico is working) Torre will update the agenda and send an announcement.

Activities, working group updates


Benedikt - had another meeting last week. CMS presented. Presentations getting more and more organized, addressing standard questions, putting together a taxonomy. One tomorrow on Fermilab solution. Then will summarize and categorize to eventually identify the best starting point. Lots of consensus on the things to tackle; already an achievement.

Pere - please put links to these meetings on the packaging page on the website.

Benedikt - will do.


Dario reported: we had our first meeting of the Training & Tutoring WG last week. I placed the minutes in the googlegroups folder.


Pere - John is actively assimilating the voluminous input, expecting a report on Wed.

Technical notes

Andrew - will report on Wed.

others: SW projects, Communication and KB, development tools/services

No big news.

Torre will set up a Tech Notes page on the site for Andrew to populate. Also the Community page we’ve discussed (to include jobs, related projects, …).

Next workshop

October/November perhaps? When more real work has been done. We’ll see whether people have opinions on Wed.


IFB on Wed, and next’s week’s meeting will be Thu 5pm CERN time, our new slot.