HEP Software Foundation Startup Team Meeting notes Nov 5 2015

Indico Agenda

Present: Torre, Dario, Michel, Pere, Andrew, Andrea, Benedikt, Liz, Richard


News and General updates

Michel - GDB yesterday. Discussed WLCG workshop. They removed the software evolution session but HSF should be invited to give an update on what’s going on with SW.

Andrea - Was at CERN Openlab tech forum, talk by Andrea Gheata, mentioned software evolution project within Openlab.

Pere - there’s extra funding for this.


Liz - advertised the documents, lots of comments received. Giulio presented this week, went well. Interest from a non-HEP packaging system, may be discussed next meeting.

Benedikt - happy about the amount of discussions. Lots of input to incorporate.


Dario - discussing with Pisa people interested to use WikiToLearn. Working with Pere on using WikiToLearn developments for ROOT notebook project. Presented it at Fermilab last week. Consulted with their experts on whether it is adequately secure, some small changes needed, then it should be adoptable by labs like CERN and Fermilab.

Link to Riccardo’s recent radio interview (Italian)


Liz - talking to several organizations, and to people at the current Openlab workshop. Their work with industrial partners makes them sensitive to license issues. cf. the LLVM thread Benedikt sent around. Want to be sure we avoid traps others have fallen into. Seeing some convergence to Apache V2 license.

Discussion ensued. Michel/Benedikt: LLVM story make us confident that our technical note is on the right track: importance of using well-known licenses (OSI blessed) stressed in the note, specific challenge of collaborating with industry/commercial partners mentioned. Nothing in the TN identified as problematic based on the LLVM case. LLVM discussion should be added as a reference in the TN.

Some changes to the draft still to come (Michel with input from Liz).

Technical notes

Andrew - progressing on content of the various drafts. Also the machine attributes one is progressing. Notable how putting together documents brings discussion out of the woodwork. Useful.

Torre - Brett’s document was merged with the two others from FCE into an arXiv document, so sufficient for us to reference that in an appropriate place (the KB), no point to making it a TN.


Andrew - recommend that WLCG task forces produce documents. Presently their reports don’t really have an archival presence.

Software knowledge base and communication

Torre - KB ready to go, thanks for the input and help, especially Benedikt!


Benedikt - made newsletter draft and sent proposal for website reorganization.

Benedikt’s proposed website reorganization

From the discussion:

Newsletter should cover both internal and relevant external news.

People should try to induce their institutes to link the HSF website from an appropriate place.

The newsletter mail should have the information, not just a link to the info.

Usual issue, how do we expand signup to the HEP S&C community list.

Richard will include in a future mail to the CHEP list an invitation to people to subscribe.

Most important for communicating the existence of HSF is engaging with people, not advertising. Make people aware there are activities people care about.

Torre will make a pass at Benedikt’s newsletter draft.

Website reorg plan looks good, Benedikt can go ahead.

SW projects, development tools/services

Benedikt - looking at build and test optimization, connecting it to github. Should try to get HEP specific docker containers uploaded.

Discussion on next steps, plans for the fall

Brief discussion on next workshop. Thinking spring. Should start organizing at least 5 months in advance so should clarify plans by the end of the year.

Logo Contest

Need to decide on the specifics. Dario will set it up. Michel has someone at LAL who can help. Google forms is a convenient means to do the voting.


Pere, Torre, Benedikt, Michel… not available next week. Next meeting in 2 weeks.