1st Common Track Reconstruction Software Forum

We would like to invite you to the first Common Track Reconstruction Software Forum on December 3rd at 3pm GVA time.

We hope this first meeting will serve as a kick-off for a more regular forum to discuss track reconstruction software forum across experiments, which we would organise under the formal umbrella of the HEP Software Foundation.

The aim of this first meeting is to get an overview, to asses existing implementations and code bases for track reconstruction. We like to discuss the potential in sharing existing and well-tested pieces of code across experiments. As we all know, there is most likely no catch-all approach possible which solves the track reconstruction for everybody equally well. However, concrete cases already show that sub-parts of tracking codes are being passed around in an ad-hoc way. We as well like to learn about your plans for future developments on track reconstruction software and how you plan to address the migration to future processor technologies. We hope this meeting will give us an overview on the implementations and software development strategies, possibly giving us ideas on how to collaborate closer on this in the future.

To do this we count on your participation and help. The questions we want to tackle in the first meeting are:

  • what is the track reconstruction software landscape?
  • how does the tracking code look like for your experiment?
  • what is “special” about your setup?
  • what code could be considered useful for others?
  • where is code used that originated from a different context?
  • where would you gain from re-using more?
  • what are your plans for future track reconstruction software developments ?

We hope to get a good overview on this in the meeting. Please let us know in case you want to give a presentation at the meeting.

Please feel free to forward this message to other interested people or mailing lists.

Looking forward hearing from you!

Frank Gaede, Markus Elsing, Benedikt Hegner