HEP Software Foundation Startup Team Meeting notes Nov 19 2015

Indico Agenda

Present: Dario, Liz, Michel

Apologies: Pere, Torre, Benedikt, Andrea

News and General updates

Liz ok with announcement proposed for the new web site and newsletter


Meeting yesterday: discussion on Conda, a build/packaging tool reviewed as part of the ongoing effort in the WG (homebrew, Nix…)


Mail sent to the mailing list to summarize what happened in the last month, i.e. the setup of the WikiToLearn platform for HSF use.

Activity still in progress in reusing the ability to run interactive sessions from the web, particularly in ROOT


Michel sent an email with the last draft of the TN addressing the remaining issues

Software knowledge base and communication

Dario played with the new KB, adding different kinds of information: no major problem seen, big improvement on previous version!

New web site: good!

Logo Contest

Site ready. How do we announce it?


Next meeting: next week, usual time