HSF Weekly #55 12/05/16

Indico Agenda

Present: Torre, Liz, Benedikt, John, Pere, Michel, Andrea, Dario

News, general matters

Google docs as the basis for writing meeting notes: what do we do about meeting notes in the website: Michel volunteers to take care of the googledoc conversion to markdown.

Bulletin mailing list: after much discussion ranging from adding no new mailing lists to adding several, we came down in the middle, agreeing to add one new list for bulletins of interest to the HSF community but that are below threshold for the forum list which is intended to be low traffic and focused on HSF matters. Proposed name for the new list is hep-sf-bulletin and it will welcome postings such as job listings, meetings and conferences potentially of interest, etc.

May HSF workshop: outcomes, actions arising, next steps

We discussed having a white paper writing meeting adjacent to CHEP, as proposed at LAL. Post-CHEP seems more reasonable as it would be buffered by a weekend, unlike pre-CHEP when WLCGers have a weekend meeting. As discussed, the meeting should be outside SF, someplace significantly cheaper, hosted by a university. Santa Cruz perhaps. On the other hand CHEP is a very expensive trip already, and many won’t go because of the expense. We decided to send around a doodle to gather opinions on having the meeting adjacent to CHEP vs. eg some weeks later at CERN or elsewhere.

Andrea has started to follow up on StackExchange. Will raise it at the technology forum, talk to experiments and projects.

Software performance conveners at LAL are circulating session notes for comments, so they should appear soon. Can then think about the specifics of follow-up meetings, workshop, etc.

Spack interest community has increased, there is quite some momentum. Interest from experiments without a substantial software infrastructure activity themselves. Concrete follow-up: Spack dev meetings this evening at 9pm and 10pm CERN time where integration of our contributions will be discussed.

Pending action: Send out a newsletter summarizing the workshop. With Benedikt and Michel having already given summary talks, materials exist to put together a page or two newsletter. Michel will write a first draft. Benedikt made a start on it in a googledoc during the workshop. Dario will be presenting a translation of Michel’s talk in Italy.

Michel will notify attendees of draft live notes, for corrections. A week later we’ll announce the notes to the forum.

John will procure an appropriately aged wine from his cellar for our logo winner. We can foresee some improvements/adaptations to it, a vector graphics version, a version with no text below, and a squarer logo (more angle on the Feynman diagram legs) would reduce better, many small icons expect to be square.

Benedikt made a new tech note layout using the logo.

Benedikt will give the HSF presentation at the WLCG MB in 2 weeks.

Activity updates

cf the packaging activity discussed above.

We encourage follow-up on signing up projects, getting them into knowledge base, incubator.

Ben Morgan gave very good feedback and modifications to the recommendations draft. Project template also updated.

Conditions DB project added to HSF github.

As discussed at LAL, we should revive having periodic meetings tailored to wider attendance than the core believers who attend the weekly HSF meeting. At such meetings we could (as for the earlier iFB meetings) have broader updates on activities, and/or focus in on a topic or activity. Next week we should take this up again, and plan such a meeting.


Addendum post-meeting from Benedikt:

Unfortunately I forgot an important item in the startup team meeting today. We will have another LHCC Referee Meeting in two weeks from now, where I may have the chance to present some of the progress of the HSF again.

I think we should discuss the message to convey during our next meeting. So please use the days until then to think a little bit about it. I wasn’t asked yet, but I will prepare a few slides in case and send them around soon.

The likelihood is extremely low, but we should have a clear understanding of what impact real resources for the HSF could have and where we would put it first. I at least expect a question in that direction.