HSF Weekly Meeting #112, October 12, 2017

Present: Graeme Stewart, Benedikt Hegner, Dario Menasce, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Ian Bird, Rob Kutschke, Michel Jouvin, Guilherme Amadio, Pere Mato, Mike Sokoloff, Pete Elmer, David Lange, John Harvey, Daniel Elvira, Marko Petric

General News

WLCG/HSF Workshop

This has changed from being 2 parallel workshops to a single workshop, with both parallel and plenary sessions for the two communities. Draft announcement prepared. Workshop will run from Monday 26 March at 9am until Thursday 29 March at noon.

A straw man agenda:

A common WLCG/HSF group will finalise the agenda, but everyone can/should suggest topics we should be working on, especially coming out of our CWP working groups. Note - we are easily able to have several HSF focused sessions running in parallel (there are several rooms available). A proper draft agenda should be prepared by the end of November.

This approach/suggestion was discussed and well received at GDB yesterday.

Performance and Costs WG

WLCG Working Group on System Performance and Cost Model has been set up (see GDB yesterday). Has been going on for a while, convened by Markus Schulz. Idea is to present more in March, so people need to do some work now. It was discussed in the GDB that this group should actually operate at the HSF level.

General agreement that this is a good idea - we should draw in ideas from other communities and having it under HSF broadens the scope. Dario and Rob will look into participating.

Interested people should get in touch with Markus.

German Community

Benedikt reported they would like to start a project for upgrading reconstruction software and will remain in contact with the HSF.


Activity updates