HSF Coordination Meeting #251, 8 June 2023


Present/Contributing: Graeme Stewart, Kyle Knoepfel, Benedikt Hegner, Pere Mato, Alex Held, Mason Proffitt, Nicole Skidmore, Claire Antel, Patrick Gartung, Uwe Hernandez, Vangelis Kourlitis, Krzysztof Genser, Nick Smith, Michel Jouvin, Wouter Deconick, Stefan Roiser

Apologies/Contributing: Eduardo Rodrigues, Efe Yazgan

News, general matters, announcements

LHCP Presentation

Vangelis Kourlitis presented a talk on HL-LHC and Beyond Computing Challenges.

Questions raised regarding:


Alessandra Forti, one of the Analysis Facilities Forum co-conveners, presented the status of Analysis Facilities in the community (slides attached).

There was a very productive discussion between the referees, the experiments, WLCG and HSF at the special session.

LHCC thanked the Analysis Facilities Forum for their work bringing the R&D around analysis facilities into the light.

In the whole community, we should take care to balance the R&D with production activities at the sites. Modernising infrastructure, helped by this type of R&D, is already a valuable outcome.

To demonstrate the new analysis facility concepts work, they need to be tested on representative used cases at scale. LHCC asks the experiments to provide a document on analysis use cases, which can be matched to AFs, then using this to develop benchmarks.

Long discussion on this point, we conclude that the LHCC are positive about the R&D and would like to get more formal engagement from the experiments, folding these studies into HL-LHC planning. We think the concerns raised by the LHCC (balance R&D against production; establish clear use cases and needs) are not new, but this actually means that we are investigating the right topics and sending the right messages.

Google Summer of Code, 2023

The projects have started and students are working. Would like to find a person to attend the mentors’ summit meeting and discuss the procedure for that.

If people need access to CERN resources contact Yasemin, the EP-SFT secretary.

Want to have an early meeting with the students, not just at the end of the coding period.

Working Group Updates

Data Analysis

Software Training

Software Tools and Packaging

Detector Simulation


Other Interest and Activity Areas


Compute Accelerator Forum

Next week we will hear from the DOE funded HEP CCE project, which is now reaching the end of its first funding phase.

Meeting will be held jointly with ATLAS Core Software in Salle Curie, Wenesday 14 June at 16h30.


The Phoenix Event Display will be featured in the next CERN Courier.



Benedikt started an issue in GitHub to gather ideas about reorganising and revamping the website to better reflect our areas of actual activity.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be, on 22 June.

Please sign up for chairing this or one of the future coordination meetings.