The HSF timeline


The initial organization of the HSF was established at the Sep 2014 meeting of the Interim Foundation Board (IFB). At that meeting a startup plan was proposed and accepted, with a startup team constituted to guide the establishment of the HSF. A priority for the organization is to support both focused efforts and broad inclusiveness. We aim to achieve both by engaging the broad community as well as core volunteers. Core efforts can be supplemented and expanded by seeding and encouraging broad involvement such that community engagement amplifies the effort.

Summary timeline and milestones

White Paper Analysis and Proposed Startup Plan

The startup team produced a document analyzing the white papers (below) and proposing a startup plan. A version 1.0 draft was released on Nov 11 2014. An updated version 1.1 was released on Jan 7 2015. Both revisions are attached to this page.

White papers

As an initial step towards creating the HSF, in spring 2014 the HEP software and computing community was asked to submit short white papers conveying ideas as to how the HSF should be constituted and how it could be useful. The white papers received are attached to this page:

The original Jan 2014 proposal for a HEP software collaboration by John Harvey et al is here.