First HSF Visualization Workshop, CERN, Mar 28-30 2017

The First HSF Visualization Workshop takes place from the 28th to the 30th of March 2017, at CERN and remotely. It spans three afternoons, to let US colleagues connect remotely through the Vidyo video-conference system.

Visualization plays an important role in HEP. It is not only used to produce event displays for physics analysis, papers, press releases and Outreach&Education material. But it is also used at many different levels in HEP experiments, to visualize experiments’ data for a number of tasks: to support detector development, to verify the simulation and to check the reconstruction algorithms, to name a few.

A long time had passed since the last time the HEP Visualization community gathered to share their software tools, ideas and thoughts. Also, nowadays computer graphics and the related technologies offer many open-source tools, which are worth to be considered by the HEP Visualization community, to be tested for our purposes.

This workshop aims at gathering Visualization experts and all interested people from the HEP community, to present their work and thoughts. Also, the goal is to find new ways of collaborative efforts, to build a shared view towards HEP common software tools.

Beside that, invited speakers from industry – NVIDIA, KDAB, The Qt Company – will share with us their views and the open-source technologies they support.

The agenda of the Visualization Workshop can be found here:

A follow-up meeting will take place on Friday the 7th of April 2017, at CERN and remotely on Vidyo. The follow-up meeting is meant to let the colleagues who could not attend the main workshop to present their work.

Moreover we will have Petya Rudloff and Artem Sydiakin from The Qt Company, who will present to us the Qt Development Roadmap for the next years.

The agenda of the follow-up meeting can be found here: