HSF Weekly Meeting #86, March 23, 2017

Present: Torre Wenaus, Michel Jouvin (there were many apologies)

News, general matters

Current Topics


HEP analysis ecosystem workshop

Activity updates


Visualization workshop update from Riccardo

First day, the “landscape day”:

Confirmed external speakers:

The idea here is to see what the industry standards and trends are and what people outside HEP use.

I also contacted Prof Moscariello at the Geology department at University of Geneva, because Geologists work with 3D graphics as well. He was very interested and kindly suggested two names, one at ETH (Zurich) and one at Unil (Lausanne). I contacted the first one but cannot make it. I will try to contact the second one.

Since one of our 3D graphics library was originally developed for Geology and Oil&Gas, I wanted to take a look at what they currently use in those fields. To see what other sciences use.

On the first day we will also have short presentations from HEP experiments and groups:

Atlas, CMS, Alice, LHCb, ROOT, GSI

Moreover, I contacted Miguel Marquina from CERN IT, to ask him to advertise the first day of the workshop - the “landscape” day - on the usual “seminars & presentations” mailing lists. For two reasons: I thought that presentations from NVIDIA and Qt could be of interest to other people as well, and also I thought that input for new ideas and techniques in HEP visualization could also come from IT and Computing people; and opening the “landscape day” of the workshop to a wider audience could foster new collaborations as well.

The second day will be focused on “how we can foster collaboration between HEP actors to develop common software package”.

While the third day will be focused on planning the writing of the CWP chapter.

Practical info: