Summary of GSoC 2017 Projects and Supervisors

Full List of Proposals

Additional Machine Learning Project Ideas and Areas of Interest
Automatic code generation for fast inference in the CMS tracking software
Big Data Tools for Physics Analysis
Code Benchmark and Consolidation in SixTrack
Efficient Python routines for analysis on massively multi-threaded platforms - Python bindings for the Hydra C++ library
Electron-ion collisions in Pythia 8
Enhance C-Reduce to work with ROOT
Event Streaming Service - A new approach to event processing
Extend clad - The Automatic Differentiation
Improvement of the TestU01 Suite for PseudoRandom Number Generation
Improvements in vectorization and parallelization of ROOT Math libraries
Integration of Apache Parquet reading capabilities in ROOT data analyses
Integration of TMVA and OpenML platform
Interface mlr package with RMVA
Jet clustering optimizations in fads
Kubernetes CephFS driver using FUSE
Launching Wagon, a WebAssembly interpreter in Go
Machine Learning Project - Convolutional Deep Neural Networks on GPUs for Particle Physics Applications
Machine Learning Project - Multi-target Regression for Particle Physics
Message Passing Interface for ROOT (ROOTMpi)
New error control methods for integration of trajectories
New physics models in SixTrack
Next generation of CMS data replication system
Optimisation of GeantV HPC workload balancing by use of unsupervised machine learning
Optimize and Integrate Standalone Tracking Library (SixTrackLib)
Optimizing Computing Operations with Machine Learning algorithms
Parallelization and C++ implementation of ultra-fast detector simulation package, FALCON
Rucio - The ATLAS Distributed Data Management System
SixTrack continuous integration and test coverage with CDash and coverity
Smart data structures in CUDA
State-of-The-Art Web Interface for Describing Accelerator and Associated Simulation
Tensorflow-TMVA GAN Interface Applied to NOvA Neutrino Events.
Updating gopy to support Python3 and PyPy
Using Pseudo-random numbers repeateably in a fine-grain multithreaded simulation
Visualization tools for Scikit-HEP project - The HEP Software and Computing Knowledge Base