Summary of GSoC 2020 Projects and Supervisors

Full List of Proposals

Add numerical differentiation support in clad
Awkward Array GPU kernels
Container deployment performance across Grid sites
Cosmic-Ray Imaging Studies via Mission-Imagery from Space (CRISMIS)
Deep Learning Algorithms for Muon Momentum Estimation in the CMS Trigger System
Deep autoencoders for ATLAS data compression
Enable Modules on Windows
Enable the Mesh Memory Allocator in ROOT
End-to-end Deep Learning Reconstruction for CMS experiment
Extend SkyhookDM programmable object storage with statistics, sort/aggregate, or data compaction functions.
Extend clad to compute Jacobians
Falcon - graph auto-encoders for fast detector simulation
Fast Merging of RNTuple Data Sets
GeoModelExplorer, interactive 3D geometry visualization - Development of a visualization tool to interactively explore the geometry of a HEP detector
Health Checks and Monitoring Dashboard for ScienceBox
Hist plotting
Implementation of Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi Algorithm for Convex Shapes in VecGeom
Implementation of Quantum Machine Learning to Perform High Energy Physics Analysis at the LHC
Intelligent Alert Management System For HEP experiments
Ipopt (Interior Point OPTimizer) for ROOT
Kubernetes operator for XRootD
Local replica of JAliEn central services for research and development
MCnet/CONTUR - Develop an interactive graphical interface for a physics re-interpretation tool
MCnet/LHAPDF - Make the Large Hadron Collider’s proton structure library FAST!
MCnet/Rivet - Speed and accuracy in the LHC’s MC analysis tool
MCnet/SHERPA - Accelerating Monte Carlo simulations for the LHC
MCnet/YODA - Enhance a statistical toolkit for physics analysis interpretation
MadGraph5 - offload event execution to accelerator devices
Making Exabytes of LHC data seamlessly accessible on Jupyter Notebooks
Manipulation of massive astronomical data using graphs
Native desktop integration for Exascale LHC Data Management
Optimise calls in the Ceph RADOS Striper API to enable efficient concurrent access to read-only objects.
Phoenix, interactive data visualization - Development of an experiment independent javascript event display framework and data format
Podman CVMFS integration
Pre-conditioners applied to ROOT compression algorithms
Reduce boost dependence in CMSSW
Simulating Dark Matter with Strong Gravitational Lensing
Support for Rucio Users with Natural Language Processing
TMVA Deep Learning Developments - 3D Convolutions
TMVA Deep Learning Developments - Decision Tree Inference, Expansion of Supported Format
TMVA Deep Learning Developments - Inference
TMVA Graph Neural Networks
TMVA Interfaces - Pytorch
Upgrading the Ganga graphical user interface
Upgrading the Ganga user interface to use a relational database for persistent storage
Workflow configuration import and validation for AliECS
pyhf Hardware Acceleration Benchmarking with GPUS and TPUs