CWP, Naples Workshop and GSoC

CWP Roadmap

The Community White Paper process, that the HSF launched in San Diego in January 2017 came to a successful conclusion at the end of last year, with the publication of A Roadmap for HEP Software and Computing R&D for the 2020s to arXiv.

Motivated by the huge challenges of the next decade, particularly for the HL-LHC, the roadmap covers the whole of the HEP computing workflow, from event generation through simulation, reconstruction and analysis. The document also discusses our grid infrastructure components and the vital glue of data management and security. For each area, work that the community should invest in to succeed in the future has been identified.

The CWP process engaged hundreds of experts in the field and has helped to forge new links between people working in different experiments and in different regions who had not previously worked together. This is reflected in the degree of support we have in the community, with more that 270 authors from more than 100 institutes. You can still sign the Roadmap - just send an email to the CWP Ghost Writers to lend your support to this important document.

HSF/WLCG Workshop

Now that we have concluded the roadmap, the next thing to do is to start working on all the interesting projects that we have identified. To that end WLCG and the HSF are joining forces to hold a joint workshop this Spring in Naples, focused on our future software and computing developments.

Registration for the workshop is open now (try to book your hotel early as it’s just before Easter). We have a great programme covering many areas that we need to work in, from data lakes to simulation, passing through the future of concurrency and a special session on how we tackle the training needs of the community.

Feel free to suggest ideas for other sessions, or to make a contribution to existing ones by contacting the organisers.

Naples Bay

Google Summer of Code, 2018

The HSF is once again participating in the Google Summer of Code event. Project proposals are been actively solicited right now . This is a great way to get talented students involved in our software projects for HEP and to raise awareness of the HSF.