HSF startup team Mar 23 2015 meeting notes

Present: Torre, Andrew, Dario, Pere

Apologies: Craig, Michel, Andrea, Benedikt

Brief notes on a short meeting:

Welcome to Andrew! We’re happy to have Andrew McNab join the startup team.

Software projects

Pere - will add dd4hep and some others from European Aida funded project.

Torre - added fads to the list of interested projects. Added a link from Brian on Apache incubators to the project page, otherwise it remains empty http://hepsoftwarefoundation.org/content/software-projects

Training, WikiFM role

Dario - prepared a writeup on jump starting training, using WikiFM, which is complemented by some nice features particularly appropriate to training needs. Developers are willing to follow our suggestions to tune the platform to our needs. Proposal is to evaluate it, identify an umbrella organization of courses. Beginning to gather possible early courses, interested people. Prepared a mockup with proposed organization for debate among us. And set up an infrastructure/platform to lower the effort needed for trainers.

Will start a thread on the proposal, sent to the startup team. Please read and make comments.

Software Development and Services

Torre sent around a draft message to open forum for guinea pigs.

Technical notes

Andrew - discussed ideas with candidate people for writing documents. e.g. Stefan Roiser on machine job features. Apps may be interested in using the job features API directly so needs to be well documented. Final output of task force was a wiki page, the only present reference, so a good candidate to capture in a document. To write software against it we need something more authoritative.

In terms of infrastructure, start off lightweight, we can do things by hand when we’re dealing with only a handful of documents. Present website should be able to handle it to begin with.

Will discuss more details next week with more attendance.

Will use the technical forum as the communication channel, as this is cross-cutting.

Pere made the excellent suggestion that the plan for technical notes can itself be the first technical note.

other updates and issues

From Benedikt: (postponed to next week) As a few others of the startup team I am currently attending the WLCG Management Board and one of the reports was about federated identities. We got an update on eduGAIN / AARC for this. Could be worth to educate ourselves a little bit more on that. Eventually we’d rely on such things for build tools and services. Can we make that a topic of next Monday?

Okinawa agenda

We should put up a placeholder draft agenda now.


Meeting next week.