HEP Software Foundation Startup Team Meeting notes Oct 22 2015

Indico Agenda

Present: Torre, Dario, Benedikt, Liz, Michel, Andrea, Riccardo

Apologies: Pere, Andrew

News and General updates

Torre will give HSF talk at LBNL ATLAS software workshop in Nov focused on tools, infrastructure, training.


Dario - WikiToLearn now has nationwide audience in Italy. Riccardo had a 40min interview on national radio. Immediately started to hear from students. Gaining a lot of momentum. 30 young contributors working on content and the site. Also contributors from UK in English.

Benedikt sent proposal to include this in the incubator, Riccardo agreed. Need to decide how to present it.

Benedikt knows of some packages with training material to add, Dario also.

Torre will set up linking from the SW KB to WikiToLearn entries.

Dario and Riccardo have been talking to Pere about web based ROOT, Riccardo has an interesting implementation of ROOT running via browser that is complementary to the Jupyter notebook approach, implemented for WikiToLearn, will send info.

Given its potential utility beyond WikiToLearn, Riccardo is working on generalizing it for use in other contexts. Could be interesting for analysis, data preservation, monitoring, lots of things.

Paying close attention to keeping the infrastructure secure, in good shape. Will have a security review.


Liz - will have a meeting on Nov 4, slotted into concurrency forum off-week.

Main topic will be Giulio’s recent work for ALICE generalizing and modernizing tools he developed earlier for CMS. Proposing as an option for an HSF collaboration (well received thus far judging by the email thread).


Torre - we’re in a waiting for comments phase?

Michel - yes, light response.

Liz - sent comments, collected Fermilab input.

Michel - yes looked at that, will go through it again, would be happy to have more general (less CERN centric) examples.

Will address the comments received, then put the revised draft forward as a completed technical note. Should be able to close it out late this week or early next.

Technical notes

Benedikt - circulated another naming convention draft. Small amount of feedback. Time to send to open forum list prior to making it a completed tech note.

all - agreed.

Software knowledge base and communication

Torre - implemented the last important piece of functionality in the software knowledge base, establishing relations. Working nicely, easy to use. Testing, should have it up on the server in a few days. Then will do a round of adding material and shake out glitches.

Then the top of the todo list will be the newsletter (anyone/everyone free to start putting it together anytime, it’s in github, see hsf.github.io (url routes to http://news.hepsoftwarefoundation.org/).

SW projects, development tools/services

No further news

Discussion on next steps, plans for the fall

No quorum

Logo Contest

Riccardo’s input now linked from the logo contest page, please add more. Fodder for the newsletter.


Benedikt - concurrency forum attendance has been slipping, running out of topics. Propose to make it the HSF tech forum, use it in a similar way to the concurrency forum meetings, specific technical presentations.

all - good idea.

Benedikt - regarding reco and tracking. Had meeting of LHC stakeholders this week. Will probably have a session in the next ‘Connecting the Dots’ workshop in Feb in Vienna. Will be working on preparing for the session, getting experts together.

Liz - remote participation?

Benedikt - yes we should arrange at least for that session. Main point is we should use it as a milestone and driver for activity now.