Summary of GSoC 2022 Projects and Supervisors

Full List of Proposals

A concurrency model for the monitoring in Ganga
A parallel-I/O binary histogram data format
Acts GPU R&D - Optimization of GPU tracking pipeline
Add initial integration of Clad with Enzyme
Add support for SYCL alpaka backend to Patatrack Pixel Track reconstruction
Add support for differentiating with respect to multidimensional arrays (or pointers) in Clad
Advanced Belle II Software Validation
Broaden the Scope for the Floating-Point Error Estimation Framework in Clad
CERNBox - Dynamic capabilities for smarter client interactions
CLUE-kD - a generic energy density based python library
CernVM-FS integration test framework powered by Firecracker VM
Dataset-manipulation tools for simulated collider events
Design and Develop a CUDA engine working along with C/C++ mode in clang-repl
Electromagnetic Cluster Finding on GPUs
Etherpad plugin as a ScienceMeshDocs editor
Geant4 - Performance Data Visualization using d3.js
Geant4 - Symplectic integrators
Geant4-FastSim - Building an ML pipeline for fast shower simulation
Geant4-FastSim - Memory footprint optimization for ML fast shower simulation
IRIS-HEP - Uproot-Dask
Image Explorer for ownCloud Infinite Scale
Implement libInterOp API exposing memory, ownership and thread safety information
Implement vector mode in forward mode automatic differentiation in Clad
Improve robustness of dictionary to module lookups in ROOT
Interfacing PODIO to Julia
Jet Reconstruction with Julia
MadAnalysis 5 - Integration of theoretical uncertainty calculation with multiweight integration
Migrate the Smashbox test suite to Python 3
Optimize ROOT use of modules for large codebases (eg, CMSSW)
Phoenix, interactive data visualization - Development of an experiment independent javascript event display framework and data format
ROOT - Add support to resolve symbols from a static library to the Cling C++ interpreter
ROOT - An interactive debugging experience for RDataFrame
ROOT - Automatic conversion of data stored in TTree form to RNTuple
ROOT - Machine Learning Developments - Batch Generator for training machine learning models
ROOT - TMVA Developments - Improve Python interface for TMVA
ROOT - TMVA SOFIE Developments - Inference Code Generation for Deep Learning models
Repository as a Service
Rucio - S3-compatible access interface for analysis facilities
Rucio WebUI Revamp
Surface-based geometry modelling in VecGeom
Vectorized linear algebra implementation for Acts