Summary of GSoC 2018 Projects and Supervisors

Full List of Proposals

4D Visualization of events in the CMS endcap calorimeter
Additional Machine Learning Project Ideas and Areas of Interest
CPU Race for Particle Hunting
CernVM-FS powered WebAssembly I/O
Code Benchmark and Consolidation in SixTrack
Convolutional Deep Neural Networks on GPUs for Particle Physics Applications
DIANA-HEP/analysisfunctions - Translate HEP analysis functions to modern paradigms
Development of Goodness of fit tests for weighted histograms
Distributed Big Data Analysis with TDataFrame
Efficient storage of versioned ROOT files in a git repository
Enabling Big Data Analytics on Physics Data with the “Hadoop-XRootD Connector” Library
Extend clad - The Automatic Differentiation
Extension and characterisation of the LHCb data isolation drone neural networks
FALCON - optimize fast detector simulation package and multi-objective regression
Faster matrix algebra for ATLAS (CLOSED TO NEW APPLICANTS)
GDML I/O for VecGeom geometry package
GPU Race for Particle Hunting
Generalise the ROOT Parallel Declarative Analysis Framework to non-HEP Big Data
Generative Adversarial Networks for Particle Physics Applications
Go-HEP/reconfigure - Program FPGAs with Go
Go-HEP/xrootd - Create a pure-Go client for XRootD
Implement Event based Seeding and Multi-Threading
Implementation of a new Unfolding Procedure
Improvements in vectorization and parallelization of ROOT Math libraries
Integration of the HDF5 file format within the LHCb analysis framework
Large-scale computing backend for Jupyter notebooks - HTCondor batch job submission and monitoring using the Ganga toolkit
Message Passing Interface for ROOT (ROOTMpi)
Monitoring DIRAC components
Monitoring and traceability of jobs in a large distributed computing Grid
New physics models in SixTrack
Open-Source Simulations for Gas Detector on Python
Optimize and Integrate Standalone Tracking Library (SixTrackLib)
Petabyte-Scale Cloud Storage File Manager
Processing large-scale 3D data sets using Apache Spark
Profiling reports data warehouse and presentation
ROOT Package Manager
Rucio - ‘Sync & Share’ interface for exabyte-scale multi-location data management
Rucio - Billion-row scalable and flexible metadata
Rucio - Exascale data management
Rucio - Extension with new ways to authenticate & authorize
Rucio - WebDAV/HTTP-based transfer orchestration
Rucio - WebExtension for browser-based storage interaction
SixTrack continuous integration and test coverage with CDash and coverity
Tensorflow-TMVA Interface
Tessellated geometry support for DD4hep and ROOT/TGeo
Utilise RK interpolation and vectorisation for field propagation
Vectorization of electromagnetic physics models within the GeantV simulation vector prototype
WLCG Lightweight Site Configuration
WLCG Lightweight Site Orchestration
Yampl - an inter-process communication library for ATLAS