Summary of GSoC 2019 Projects and Supervisors

Full List of Proposals

Ansible module for the SIMPLE Grid Framework
Apache Parquet support for ROOT’s RDataFrame
Awkward Array Operations
CERNBox: Bring Your Own Application
Create a user interface for Ganga that allows for the execution of tasks inside user specified virtual machines.
Creation and usage of disposable Spark on Kubernetes clusters from notebook service (SWAN) for distributed physics analysis
Development of LSTM and GRU layers in TMVA
Distributed Computing Resources: aggregation, usage, monitoring
Evaluation of scalability of protocols to serve data for jobs for LIGO/Collaboration
Extend clad - The Automatic Differentiation
FALCON - optimize fast detector simulation package and multi-objective regression
Fast and reactive broker for astronomy based on Apache Spark
Feature Extraction in TMVA
GPU Race for Particle Hunting
Generative Adversarial Networks for Particle Physics Applications
Go-HEP/groot - Create a pure-Go dataframe package to access ROOT TTrees with groot
Go-HEP/hifact - Create a HistFactory compatible Go package for statistical models
Hardware acceleration of scattering routines in SixTrack
Implement Event based Seeding and Multi-Threading
Implement a GlobalModuleIndex in ROOT and Cling
Implementation and optimisation in Acts of algorithms exposed in TrackML challenge
Implementation of ONNX operators for Tensor Manipulation and Deep Learning
Implementation of an HDF5 IO layer for PODIO
Improve support for CUDA in Clang
Improved usage of Intel Embree ray-tracing kernels in VecGeom
Improving the precision of algorithms to hunt particles
Integrate of cuDNN library in TMVA
Introduction of Time Measurements in the Pattern Recognition for LHCb’s Future Vertex Detector
Ipopt (Interior Point OPTimizer) for ROOT
Kalman Filter in Rust
Migrating Apache Spark FITS Data Source API to V2
Molr - Operational
Monitoring DIRAC components
Multi-thread safe resource monitoring infrastructure for the ATLAS experiment
Next generation Big Data Analysis monitoring tools with ROOT
Novel Applications of Zstandard (ZSTD) compression algorithm to ROOT
Optimisation of small matrix operations using Eigen on GPU
Optimisation of the Ganga toolkit in terms of memory consumption and persistent storage
Optimization of Neural Network Operations
Package manager for SWAN/Jupyterlab
Persistency for VecGeom geometry
Phoenix, interactive data visualization - Development of an experiment independent javascript event display framework and data format
Porting the CernVM File System Client to Windows
Python Analysis Package for AWAKE
Python Components for the SIMPLE Grid Framework
Real-time conditions data distribution for the Online data processing of the ALICE experiment
Repartitioning spatial data with spark3D
Rucio - Exascale data management
Rucio - WebDAV/HTTP-based transfer orchestration
SIMT to SPMD code translation
Speedup KM3NeT’s Pattern Recognition
Tessellated geometry support for DD4hep and ROOT/TGeo
Testing framework for Jupyter notebooks
Tools for understanding CMS Data Access
VectorFlow - a vector processing service